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June 22nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मुर्खा यत्र न पुज्यन्ते धान्यं यत्र सुसञ्चितम्
दाम्पत्ये कलहो नास्ति तत्र श्रीः स्वयमागता

- चाणक्य नीति

murkhaa yatra na pujyante dhaanyaM yatra susa~nchitam
daampatye kalaho naasti tatra shrIH svayamaagataa
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Where the imbecile are not revered; where grain is abundantly collected; where there is no strife in matrimony - wealth comes there by itself.

Where does wealth accumulate? Where there is prosperity! Where is prosperity? In places where

1. The imbecile are not revered - that means, knowledge and education are valued. There is an avenue for intellectual growth and may be due to the ambience, even the imbecile get an opportunity to turn a new leaf!

2. Grain is collected abundantly - when everyone is fed and contented, a lot of trouble is warded off. Many crimes even happen due to the scarcity of food. When there is an abundance of grain, prosperity is only the next step. It also means that there is no squandering. There is prudence in spending and, saving for a rainy day is a priority.

3. No strife in matrimony - is very essential. A family is the basic unit of any society and, the master and lady of the house are the lead roles in the household. A constant tiff between them takes a toll on their responsibilities, the children and their education..., pretty much everything important! When these essential arenas are compromised, how can prosperity be expected? Harmony between the husband and wife is reflected in the atmosphere of the household.

In a place where these 3 have priority, prosperity follows automatically! Any person who contributes to prosperity prospers in turn!

pada vigrahaH:
मुर्खाः यत्र न पुज्यन्ते धान्यं यत्र सुसञ्चितम्
murkhaaH yatra na pujyante dhaanyaM yatra susa~nchitam

दाम्पत्ये कलहो न अस्ति तत्र श्रीः स्वयम् आगता
daampatye kalaho na asti tatra shrIH svayam aagataa

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