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June 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पश्य क्रमवशात् प्राप्‍तं भोज्यकालेऽपि भोजनम्
हस्तोद्यमं विना वक्त्रे प्रविशन्न कथञ्चन

- पञ्चतन्त्र

pashya kramavashaat praaptaM bhojyakaale.pi bhojanam
hastodyamaM vinaa vaktre pravishanna katha~nchana
- pa~nchatantra

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Everything is achieved through our own efforts. See, no way can even food be available during a meal, without the effort of the hand in putting it into the mouth.

Without putting in an effort, there is no result. Even in an action as simple as eating one's own food, the effort of the hand is essential for the food on the plate to reach his mouth. Nothing comes for free. The only place 'success' comes before 'work' is, the dictionary! (because 's' comes before 'w' ;). One has to work hard to achieve anything in life. Also, only then, does he understand the value of the results as well. Anything that is not hard-earned, is easily taken for granted and squandered. When one understands the pain behind the gain, his attitude and approach towards life changes altogether.

Knowing is not enough, one must apply. Willing is not enough, one must do!

pada vigrahaH:
पश्य क्रम-वशात् प्राप्‍तं भोज्य-काले अपि भोजनम्
pashya krama-vashaat praaptaM bhojya-kaale api bhojanam

हस्त उद्यमं विना वक्त्रे प्रविशन् न कथञ्चन
hasta udyamaM vinaa vaktre pravishan na katha~nchana

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