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June 27th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अकृत्वा परसन्तापम् अगत्वा खलनम्रताम्
अनुत्सृज्य सतां मार्गं यत्स्वल्पमपि तद्बहु

akRutvaa parasantaapam agatvaa khalanamrataam
anutsRujya sataaM maargaM yatswalpamapi tadbahu

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Without tormenting others, without putting forth false modesty, without giving up the path of the noble, any little (achieved) is more.

Tormenting other beings, being dishonest, showing false submissiveness, trading off the very essence of dharma, one may think he has achieved everything in life. That might make him rich and comfortable too. But these benefits do not stay for long. Moreover, they do not bring any peace of mind. The mind is constantly busy, churning up devious plans to fool and cheat others.

Keeping the values, one may not climb mountains or reach the pinnacles of the noble, all at once. But any little achieved (without the above influences), is more! That gives him more clarity, purity and piety! Isn't that a much better reward than riches?

Keep thy path of virtue, morality and nobility.

pada vigrahaH:
अ-कृत्वा पर-सन्तापम् अ-गत्वा खल-नम्रताम्
a-kRutvaa para-santaapam a-gatvaa khala-namrataam

अन्-उत्सृज्य सतां मार्गं यत् स्वल्पम् अपि तत् बहु
an-utsRujya sataaM maargaM yat swalpam api tat bahu

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