June 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अर्थानामर्जने दुःखम् अर्जितानां च रक्षणे
आये दुःखं व्यये दुःखं धिगर्थाः कष्टसम्श्रयाः

arthaanaamarjane duHkham arjitaanaaM cha rakShaNe
aaye duHkhaM vyaye duHkhaM dhigarthaaH kaShTasamshrayaaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Sorrow is involved in earning wealth, so also in protecting what is earned. Pain in gain, pain in loss..., alas, wealth is a resort for grief always.

One takes tremendous pains to accumulate wealth. He sacrifices many a dreams and joyous moments in life, lost in his quest of wealth. After undergoing all the hardships to accumulate the stash, then comes the burden and stress of protecting it. One goes to painstaking extents to make sure his earnings are safe and secure! It is seen time and again that the person is not even enjoying his possessions. He gets so engrossed in the aspect of earning and protecting that, he even forgets the purpose of all the hardships, which is - enjoying himself and making life nicer for those around him. Hence, wealth brings pain both when gained and lost. Alas, it is a source for grief under any circumstance!

One does not possess wealth, it possesses him! He is the richest who is content with the least, for, content is the wealth of nature!

pada vigrahaH:
अर्थानाम् अर्जने दुःखम् अर्जितानां च रक्षणे
arthaanaam arjane duHkham arjitaanaaM cha rakShaNe

आये दुःखं व्यये दुःखं धिक् अर्थाः कष्ट सम्श्रयाः
aaye duHkhaM vyaye duHkhaM dhik arthaaH kaShTa samshrayaaH

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