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June 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दर्शन ध्यानसंस्पर्शैः मत्सी कूर्मी च पक्षिणी
शिशुं पालयते नित्यं तथा सज्जनसङ्गतिः

- चाणक्य नीति

darshana dhyaanasaMsparshaiH matsI kUrmI cha pakShiNI
shishuM paalayate nityaM tathaa sajjanasa~ngatiH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Just as the fish by watching over, turtle through contemplation, birds by incubation, take care of their young, (people) should protect their children by keeping them in good company always.

Animals are known to give birth to their offspring and most, after a short period of nurture, leave them to fend for themselves. But during those nurturing stages, they take atmost care. As if there is nothing else in the world they would rather do!

The fish keep a constant watch over their eggs till they hatch.

The turtles lay their eggs and are done with childcare ;). But then, even they, carefully contemplate their predators and select a spot that is safest for them to lay their eggs. They dig a hole in a spot that best suits their young to grow and hatch.

Birds, incubate their eggs and protect them from harsh climatic conditions. They even feed and nurture them till their wings are mature enough to fly on their own. (Penguins are so amazing! Under the harshest and coldest circumstances, they make sure that the egg never touches the ground. They even walk carrying the egg on their feet. Because, if it touches the ground, the egg shall freeze and the young shall lose the battle of life!).

But then, all these - animals, bird and fish alike, let go of their young. A human is the only being who shelters, nurtures and pampers his offspring for the longest duration, mostly, his entire life as a parent! Is his job done if he builds a home and feeds his children? That would protect the children from harsh climates as well as starving. But being the being that he is ;), is that all he needs to do? Then how will he be any different from the animals? At the level that humans work, they don't need physical protection and food alone. They need intellectual and spiritual growth as well. Now, how is that done? By keeping them in good company always! This not only aids positively in the growth of the mind, it protects them from going on a negative path as well. It is a win-win situation. Hence, at all costs, parents should strive to keep their children in good company always, beginning with themselves :).

No road is long with good company because, good company on the road is the shortest cut. Find your shortcuts and aid the children to find theirs ;).

pada vigrahaH:
दर्शन ध्यान-संस्पर्शैः मत्सी कूर्मी च पक्षिणी
darshana dhyaana-saMsparshaiH matsI kUrmI cha pakShiNI

शिशुं पालयते नित्यं तथा सज्जन-सङ्गतिः
shishuM paalayate nityaM tathaa sajjana-sa~ngatiH

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