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June 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
स्थानस्थितस्य पद्मस्य मित्रे वरुणभास्करौ
स्थानच्युतस्य तस्यैव क्लेदशोषणकारकौ

sthaanasthitasya padmasya mitre varuNabhaaskarau
sthaanacyutasya tasyaiva kledashoShaNakaarakau

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Rain and sunshine are friends to the lotus stationed in its (own) place. They cause soaking and drying to the same lotus removed from its place.

A lotus, when in place, thrives on water and sunshine. In fact, it lives and grows in water. It blossoms with the sunrise and shuts close at sunset! Hence, water and sun can be considered as friends to a lotus.

If the same lotus is plucked from the plant and kept in the sun, it will dry out within no time. If put in water, it will get soggy and drenched. But wait, aren't these the same sun and water, that were friends of the lotus a minute ago when it was still on the plant!

Well, that's the harsh reality of life!! Those who were friends once can turn into foes. When one is not holding his position, he loses his fan following! The more important lesson to be learnt here is, to stay put in one's own place. Place, here is not necessarily his designation or throne! Being oneself and performing duties with total dedication is the true way of being in position. A husband has his position, a wife has her's. Similarly, mother, father and children, all have their positions, so on and so forth... Each one needs to do complete justice to the position he/she holds. Only then does it make his/her position well held. Otherwise, circumstances and people that were once favorable, prove to be adverse suddenly!

When one pretends to be someone he is not, isn't he leaving his position - of being himself! Isn't it natural for him to face hardships like the lotus plucked out of the plant?

The easiest position to be in the world is - you. The most difficult thing is what other people want you to be. Do not let yourself be put in that position! Keep your spot. Then, you won't have to run from pole to wall to be happy :).

pada vigrahaH:
स्थान-स्थितस्य पद्मस्य मित्रे वरुण-भास्करौ
sthaana-sthitasya padmasya mitre varuNa-bhaaskarau

स्थान-च्युतस्य तस्य एव क्लेद-शोषण-कारकौ
sthaana-cyutasya tasya eva kleda-shoShaNa-kaarakau

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