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June 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
माधुर्यमक्षरव्यक्तिः पदच्छेदस्तु सुस्वरः
धैर्यं लयसमर्थं च षडेते पाठका गुणाः

- पाणिनीयशिक्षा

maadhuryamakSharavyaktiH padachChedastu susvaraH
dhairyaM layasamarthaM cha ShaDete paaThakaa guNaaH
- paaNinIyashikShaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Sweetness in tone, clarity of syllables, isolation of words, proper intonation, confidence, accompanied with rhythm - these are the 6 attributes of a (good) reader.

1. A tenderness in the tone
2. The accuracy of pronouncing each individual syllable
3. Breaking up of words at the right places
4. An appropriate tone of voice
5. Poise and certainty in the reading
6. Proper rhythm

- above 6 are the traits suitable to a good reader. These traits make one's reading clear, conveys the message accurately & makes the material he is reading, appealing. One must keep in mind, not to read with a harsh, hoarse voice; not swallow up the syllables in a hurry; not fuse words together and give just enough pause between words; raise and drop the voice appropriately, depending on the bhaava (feeling) being expressed; the stride, voice and hold of the reader should reflect confidence in every step of the way; and, the reading should be paced aptly too. A good reader makes a good speaker.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader! Acquire the right skills from the get go :).

pada vigrahaH:
माधुर्यम् अक्षर-व्यक्तिः पदच्छेदः तु सुस्वरः
maadhuryam akShara-vyaktiH padachChedaH tu susvaraH

धैर्यं लय-समर्थं च षट् एते पाठका गुणाः
dhairyaM laya-samarthaM cha ShaT ete paaThakaa guNaaH


  1. namaste

    In the पदच्छेद - shouldn't it be षठ् एते पाठकाः गुणाः ?


  2. Yes Hari, you are right, with the alpapraaNa ट् though. Thanks for catching that. It is the difference between 't' and 'T' when typing in English :).

  3. Good one.
    I see reader here more as an orator and /or the person who may be reading aloud.

  4. Yes, RA, that is who's qualities that are being addressed in this verse.

  5. इस श्लोक से मुझे बोलने की नई कुंजी मिल गई हो जैसे...आभार.

  6. सन्जय पटेल, खुशि है कि आप को अच्चा लगा!