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June 28th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
एकः प्रसूयते जन्तुः एक एव प्रलीयते
एकोऽनुभुङ्क्ते सुकृतम् एक एव च दुष्कृतम्

- भागवत

ekaH prasUyate jantuH eka eva pralIyate
eko.nubhu~nkte sukRutam eka eva cha duShkRutam
- bhaagavata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A being is born alone, will perish (die) alone. He enjoys the fruit of his good deeds alone, so also that of the bad ones alone.

A being is alone at birth and he dies alone. In between, during his life, he tries all possible tricks and trades to beat the loneliness, to avail no success. One might have numerous friends and family around him, but then, when he passes on, he goes alone. None can keep him company on the onwards journey, except, his vices and virtues.

If one did good deeds in his lifetime, he alone gets to reap the benefit of those virtues. He can not say, 'I think I have enough virtues in my share, maybe I'll share some with my spouse', or, 'I have collected ample merits, I would love to leave it for my children as an inheritance'!!

Likewise with vices too. One has to bear the brunt of his misdeeds all on his own as well. Just because he was corrupt in life, so that he could provide for his family, his family will not be the one to shoulder responsibility for those actions. He has to take it upon himself! He has no choice of taking it either. It comes with him automatically. He has to suffer alone as well.

Life is even more lonely when one doesn't know himself. When one enjoys his own company, that is the best bargain he could ever ask for!

pada vigrahaH:
एकः प्रसूयते जन्तुः एकः एव प्रलीयते
ekaH prasUyate jantuH ekaH eva pralIyate

एकः अनुभुङ्क्ते सुकृतम् एकः एव च दुष्कृतम्
ekaH anubhu~nkte sukRutam ekaH eva cha duShkRutam

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