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June 26th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अक्रोधेन जयेत् क्रोधम् असाधुं  साधुना जयेत् ।
जयेत् कदर्यं दानेन जयेत् सत्येन चानृतम् ॥

- महाभारत, उद्योगपर्व

akrodhena jayet krodham asaadhuM saadhunaa jayet ।
jayet kadaryaM daanena jayet satyena chaanRutam ॥
- mahaabhaarata, udyogaparva

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Anger is won over with calmness (without anger); the immoral are won with morale; a miser is won by giving; lies are won over with truth.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, then, limb for a limb, life for a life..... There is no solace in spite! This is no way to put an end to any kind of misery!

If one displays anger all the time and the onlooker continually keeps his calm, how long can the angry man keep his temper? He would feel like he is kicking his arms and legs against the air - no matter how much he tries, can't hurt the air :). Eventually, he shall learn to keep his calm, he has no choice. Anger is won over with calmness.

When immoral laws are exercised, they are won over with morality. Many independence struggles were based on this principle. Non-violence has sustained against violence. Good has triumphed over evil.

A miser is won over with generosity. If a miser is given and given without reservations, he is bound to get saturated at some point and understand the importance of giving. Possessions are not for clinging on, but for putting it to good use for the welfare of those around. That is taught by giving.

Winning over lies is as simple as telling the truth! Honesty keeps the mind and soul peaceful. Lies do not stand a chance in front of it. Also, it is so much easier, to be honest than not. When telling the truth, one doesn't have to remember anything specifically! Like, they don't have to keep track of all the lies nor have the fear of being caught :). Moreover, truthfulness is the only way, when one's quest is the 'ultimate truth'. Truth is hence a win-win situation for anyone.

Keep thy calm, morality, generosity and honesty. Makes life simple and peaceful too.

pada vigrahaH:
अक्रोधेन जयेत् क्रोधम् असाधुं साधुना जयेत् ।
akrodhena jayet krodham asaadhuM saadhunaa jayet ।

जयेत् कदर्यं दानेन जयेत् सत्येन च अनृतम् ॥
jayet kadaryaM daanena jayet satyena cha anRutam ॥