June 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
छिन्नोऽपि रोहति तरुः क्षीणोऽप्युपचीयते चन्द्रः
इति विमृशन्तस्सन्तः सन्तप्यन्ते न विप्लुता लोके
- नीतिशतक

Chinno.pi rohati taruH kShINo.pyupachIyate chandraH
iti vimRushantassantaH santapyante na viplutaa loke
- nItishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A tree rejuvenates, even when cut; the moon grows back even after waning - analyzing thus, the wise do not torment themselves during adversaries.

It is generally seen that any progress comes with a price. There are hurdles to be faced and regressions accepted along the way. It is easy to lose heart and give up on the endeavor. But the wise and tenacious do not let these short comings dishearten them. They are well aware of such scenarios and analyze the circumstances thus - a tree, even when pruned and chopped, has the vibrance in it, to give new shoots and rejuvenate its existence! The same moon that wanes during one half of the month, waxes and grows back during the other! Knowing these factors, they take the impending hurdles as temporary offsets and do not let themselves succumb to those hurdles. They do not torment themselves, but work towards making things better with every effort they can.

Keep the faith. No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life goes on and there will be a better tomorrow!

pada vigrahaH:
छिन्नः अपि रोहति तरुः क्षीणः अपि उपचीयते चन्द्रः
ChinnaH api rohati taruH kShINaH api upachIyate chandraH

इति विमृशन्तः सन्तः सन्तप्यन्ते न विप्लुता लोके
iti vimRushantaH santaH santapyante na viplutaa loke

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