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June 7th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अन्यस्य दोषं पश्यन्ति सुसूक्ष्ममपि तत्पराः
स्वनेत्रमिव नेक्षन्ते स्वदोषं मलिना जनाः

-रामायणमञ्जरी, किष्किन्धाकाण्ड

anyasya doShaM pashyanti susUkShmamapi tatparaaH
svanetramiva nekShante svadoShaM malinaa janaaH
raamaayaNama~njarI, kiShkindhaakaaNDa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
People intently look for the smallest of the faults in others. Just as one can not see the dirt in his own eyes, they can not see their own follies.

Finding faults in others is the easiest job and is up for taking by one and all! If one falters on the smallest thing, everyone around him will soon rush to point fingers at him and offer generous and free advise as well! People have a microscopic vision when it comes to the shortcomings of others, but not even telescopic when it comes to themselves! They scrutinize others keenly to find more faults. But while they themselves are in the same exact circumstance, things just seem different to them. There always is a justification for their actions!

It is hard to take notice of anything close to one's own eye. The view gets obstructed and the field of view, constricted. Just as one can not see the dirt in his own eye, he is blinded to his own follies.

All people, to their own defects, are blind! Set thy sight and keep thy vision on thyself, with regard to mistakes.

pada vigrahaH:
अन्यस्य दोषं पश्यन्ति सुसूक्ष्मम् अपि तत्पराः
anyasya doShaM pashyanti susUkShmam api tatparaaH

स्व-नेत्रम् इव न ईक्षन्ते स्व-दोषं मलिनाः जनाः
sva-netram iva na IkShante sva-doShaM malinaaH janaaH

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