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June 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यश्च दिष्टपरो लोके यश्चापि हठवादिकः ।
उभावपि शठावेतौ कर्मबुद्धिः प्रशंस्यते ॥

- महाभारत, अरण्यपर्व

yashca diShTaparo loke yashchaapi haThavaadikaH ।
ubhaavapi shaThaavetau karmabuddhiH prashaMsyate ॥
- mahaabhaarata, araNyaparva

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He who is a fatalist and he who is stubborn - both are rogues. He who deems his deeds as his duties is laudable.

Fatalist - is someone who believes that everything is predetermined by fate and nothing can be altered! At the drop of a hat, he gives it up to fate. Without taking any responsibility for his actions, he succumbs and surrenders to anything that comes his way, in the name of destiny.

Stubborn - A person adamant about his own stance and viewpoint, never yields to anyone else's opinions. He is right and he is right alone - he believes so much in himself that, he doesn't give room for his own further growth!

The author says both such people are rogues! Blaming on fate and ducking away from responsibilities is not a choice, neither is being blind and adamant about one's own ideas.

Only he who performs his deeds in the name of duties and has a sense of duty alone is commendable. No expectation of remuneration; no lame reasons given for either the success or failure of the tasks; readiness to learn and grow - all these become an integral part of one's personality, only when he performs cheerfully, in the name of duties. Hence he alone is commended.

Duty is ours, results are His!

pada vigrahaH:
यः च दिष्टपरः लोके यः च अपि हठ-वादिकः ।
yaH ca diShTaparaH loke yaH cha api haTha-vaadikaH ।

उभौ अपि शठौ एतौ कर्म-बुद्धिः प्रशंस्यते ॥
ubhau api shaThau etau karma-buddhiH prashaMsyate ॥

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