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June 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
जनिता चोपनेता च यस्तु विद्यां प्रयच्छति
अन्नदाता भयत्राता पञ्चैते पितरः स्मृताः

- चाणक्य नीति

janitaa chopanetaa cha yastu vidyaaM prayachChati
annadaataa bhayatraataa pa~nchaite pitaraH smRutaaH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
One who gives birth, one who brings closer (to the Lord, to spirituality - by means of initiating through the sacred thread ceremony), he who gives knowledge, he who gives food, he who protects from fear - these 5 are deemed as fathers.

In the course of life, one comes across many a relationship that commands respect. Respect, for their contribution, towards the growth in many different facets of his life.

A 'father' is one such figure. A father is an instigator, invoker and a propeller! At different stages of life, one comes across such father figures, who command the same exact respect as one's own father, who gave him birth!

1. One who gave birth - is respectable for the very fact that he gave birth, then tended and nurtured the child, without whom the child would not even be existing.

2. 'upanetaa' - it literally means 'one who takes closer'. The context here is the 'upanayana' (the sacred thread ceremony). The thread ceremony is the initiation of one's learning. That is the first step one takes towards a spiritual way of life. He who counsels or guides one towards that path is a father figure and is hence revered.

3. He who gives knowledge - a preceptor, educates his pupil selflessly. He, to the best of his ability, teaches them right from wrong, equips them with the skill set for survival and prepares them for their onward journey of life. A father always wants his children to surpass him. Similarly, a true preceptor rejoices when his pupil excels him! Isn't he a respectable father figure as well?

4. He who gives food - helps one survive! When one is hungry, no amount of wealth can satiate his appetite. One who gives food is giving him life! He is a father too.

5. He who protects from fear - quells one's insecurities and helps him overcome the hurdles of life. When one's fears are dispelled, he sees life in a new light! Such a person is respectable as a father.

A father is some who the children look up to, no matter how tall they have grown! One can not do anything to repay these people in any which way. All one can do is..., be indebted to them and revere them all. There is nothing in this world, by giving which, one can free himself from the debt of these 5 father figures. Only, he can pass on the legacy to his own children, pupil or the society around him, by being one such person himself!

pada vigrahaH:
जनिता च उपनेता च यः तु विद्यां प्रयच्छति
janitaa cha upanetaa cha yaH tu vidyaaM prayachChati

अन्न-दाता भय-त्राता पञ्च एते पितरः स्मृताः
anna-daataa bhaya-traataa pa~ncha ete pitaraH smRutaaH

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