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June 5th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
न माता शपते पुत्रं न दोषं लभते मही
न हिंसां कुरुते साधुः न देवः सृष्टिनाशकः


na maataa shapate putraM na doShaM labhate mahI
na hiMsaaM kurute saadhuH na devaH sRuShTinaashakaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A mother will never curse her child, no blemish will taint the earth, the noble do not harm others, God will not destroy his creation.

A mother does everything in her reach and beyond, to make the children better than she ever was. She will work beyond her means investing both her heart and effort. After all that, could she ever have the heart to curse her child? The best well wisher a child can ever have is, his mother!

Mother earth is considered as the most forgiving. No matter how man exploits, the earth has the tolerance. Of late, we have been hearing, 'save the earth, save the earth', everywhere! Truth is, a few years from now, chances are, the earth will still be here. It is the human species that need the saving! It is all the beings on earth that need saving, not the earth itself. No amount of extortion will blemish the earth!

Those that are noble from the bottom of their hearts, will never inflict harm on others. They are ever compassionate and tirelessly work towards the betterment of those around them. How can such people involve themselves in hurting others?

Likewise, God never destroys his own creation! All the natural calamities, apocalypse, etc., might look like destruction. But in reality, there is something more beyond all these 'mundane occurrences' in His terms. He does anything with a higher good in mind. There is always something better to come one way or another. He will take care of everyone here and here on! Our ignorance about this fact doesn't mean that God is destroying His own creation! Just as a mother won't hurt her child, God, the creator of the whole universe and beyond, won't put a dent in his creation with a destructive intent.

Keep the faith. He is there to protect the smallest insect to the biggest creatures.

pada vigrahaH:
न माता शपते पुत्रं न दोषं लभते मही
na maataa shapate putraM na doShaM labhate mahI

न हिंसां कुरुते साधुः न देवः सृष्टि-नाशकः
na hiMsaaM kurute saadhuH na devaH sRuShTi-naashakaH

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