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December 7th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आरम्भगुर्वी क्षयिणी क्रमेण
लघ्वी पुरा वृद्धिमती च पश्चात् |
दिनस्य पूर्वार्धपरार्ध भिन्ना
छायेव मैत्री खलसज्जनानाम् ||
- नीतिशतक

aarambhagurvI kShayiNI krameNa
laghvI puraa vRuddhimatI cha pashchaat |
dinasya pUrvaardhaparaardha bhinnaa
Chaayeva maitrI khalasajjanaanaam ||
- neetishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Long to begin with but diminishes later, (then again), it is small to start off but increases gradually - just the way a shadow differs from the first half of the day to the second half, so does the friendship of a wicked person vs. a good person.

The shadow cast, is longer than the object itself, earlier in the morning. As the day progresses and the Sun is above the head, the shadow is barely evident and lies right at the foot of the object. If this is the story of the shadow for the first half, during the second half of the day - it starts off small, at the foot of the object and grows gradually, to be bigger than the object itself by the end of the day.

Such is the difference between the friendships of a rogue and a noble person. With a rogue, it starts off on a very high note, only to diminish and disappear over time. Whereas, with the noble, although it starts on a low key, it grows bigger and stronger by the end.

Time is, the true testing ground of friendship!

pada vigrahaH:
आरम्भ गुर्वी क्षयिणी क्रमेण
aarambha gurvI kShayiNI krameNa

लघ्वी पुरा वृद्धिमती च पश्चात् |
laghvI puraa vRuddhimatI cha pashchaat |

दिनस्य पूर्वार्ध परार्ध भिन्ना
dinasya pUrvaardha paraardha bhinnaa

छाया इव मैत्री खल सज्जनानाम् ||
Chaayaa iva maitrI khala sajjanaanaam ||

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