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December 26th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गिरिर्महान् गिरेरब्धिः महानब्धेर्नभो महत्
नभसोऽपि महद्ब्रह्मा ततोप्याशा गरीयसी

- कुवलयानन्द

girirmahaan girerabdhiH mahaanabdhernabho mahat
nabhaso.pi mahadbrahmaa tatopyaashaa garIyasI
- kuvalayaananda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A mountain is huge, an ocean is huger than the mountain, the sky is huger than the ocean, brahma is huger than the sky and DESIRE is even bigger than him (brahma).

It is a known fact that mountains are huge. The oceans are vaster because they can easily hide many mountains in them. The sky is even larger, as it spans many such oceans and the whole earth indeed. The 'brahma tatva' that created all of these, certainly is greater - for making all of these.

But one little thing - which doesn't even have a form and is born in one's mind, can be even greater than brahma himself! It is 'DESIRE'. It is not easy to quench the thirst of desire. If one wish is satisfied, another pops up. If that is satiated, a different one arises. This is a never-ending cycle. Brahma himself can get tired, quenching one's desires.

The only remedy for desire has to arise from the same place that the desire itself arises - which is, one's mind. The sure-fire cure for endless desires comes from the mind when the mindlessness of these desires is understood.

Do not let desires rule (and ruin) your life!

pada vigrahaH:
गिरिः महान् गिरेः अब्धिः महान् अब्धेः नभः महत्
giriH mahaan gireH abdhiH mahaan abdheH nabhaH mahat

नभसः अपि महत् ब्रह्मा ततः अपि आशा गरीयसी
nabhasaH api mahat brahmaa tataH api aashaa garIyasI

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