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December 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
भार्गवेण हता माता एक जायाश्च पाण्डवाः
परदाररतः कृष्णो न देव चरितं चरेत्

bhaargaveNa hataa maataa eka jaayaashcha paaNDavaaH
paradaararataH kRuShNo na deva charitaM charet

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Parashuraama killed his mother; (five) paandavas had one wife; Krishna indulged with others' wives; do not perform the deeds of the noble.

On first thought, this shloka seems like a misfit of words. But one needs to delve deeper into the inner meaning of the shloka.

Bhargava was another name for Parashuraama. He cut his own mother's head with his parashu (axe) on his father's orders. The only reason he did that was to obey his father. The father was pleased and told him to ask for a boon. Parashuraama asked his father to bring back his mother to life, which he did. One needs to know the whole episode, before taking just the point that - he killed his mother. In today's world, there are no children who are so obedient, nor are there fathers who can bring people back to life.

The 5 Paandavaas together married one Draupadi, to keep their mother's word. That was Lord's way of materializing a boon that Draupadi herself had asked for. She wanted a husband with 5 of the best qualities. The Lord responded to her request by giving her 5 husbands - since it is simply impossible, for even the Lord himself, to create a man with all the 5 best qualities. One woman marrying five men can't be a reality in today's world.

Lord Krishna himself wed 16,000 gopikaa-s. He was liberating them from an asura (demon) named Narakaasura. As humans, we can't liberate our own sorrows, let alone others from their sorrows. So, can't just take the aspect of Krishna marrying many gopi-s.

Moral - as humans, we can't just select the actions of the noble and follow in each of those footsteps. Their relevance to us and our strengths, should be given a serious thought before acting upon them.

pada vigrahaH:
भार्गवेण हता माता एक जायाः च पाण्डवाः
bhaargaveNa hataa maataa eka jaayaaH cha paaNDavaaH

पर दार रतः कृष्णः न देव चरितं चरित

para daara rataH kRuShNaH na deva charitaM charet

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