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December 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यस्मिन् देशे न सम्मानो न प्रीतिर्न च बन्धवाः
न च विद्यागमः कश्चिन्न तत्र दिवसं वसेत्

- हितोपदेश, मित्रलाभ

yasmin deshe na sammaano na preetirna cha bandhavaaH
na cha vidyaagamaH kashchinna tatra divasaM vaset
- hitopadesha, mitralaabha

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Where there is no respect, no affection, no relatives nor (an avenue for) learning - do not live in such a place even for a day.

A place we call home should have not just material comforts, but something more than that. One can live in a palatial building, sleep on the softest bed and eat from golden plates - yet, not be happy. To be happy in a home, there needs to be respect and love for each other. There need to be near and dear ones around. (Family doesn't necessarily mean related by blood. It is all the kin who, one can consider as, close to their heart.)

Where ever we are, as beings, we need to learn and grow each and every day. If there is no avenue for learning and growing as individuals, such a place is not suitable to be called a home either. The author says - do not live in such a place even for a single day...

The lesson to be learnt here is, not necessarily to run away from home if these things are not available. We can work towards making conditions better, where we already are! It is a call to make sure that a home is a happy place where - everyone respects each other, loves each other, understands each other and allows each other to grow as individuals.

Co-operation is the key!

pada vigrahaH:
यस्मिन् देशे न सम्मानः न प्रीतिः न च बन्धवाः
yasmin deshe na sammaanaH na preetiH na cha bandhavaaH

न च विद्यागमः कश्चित् न तत्र दिवसं वसेत्
na cha vidyaagamaH kashchit na tatra divasaM vaset

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