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December 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वने रणे शत्रुजलाग्निमध्ये
महार्णवे पर्वतमस्तके वा
सुप्‍तं प्रमत्तं विषमस्थितं वा
रक्षन्ति पुण्यानि पुराकृतानि
- नीतिशतक

vane raNe shatrujalaagnimadhye
mahaarNave parvatamastake vaa
suptaM pramattaM viShamasthitaM vaa
rakShanti puNyaani puraakRutaani
- neetishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In a forest, in a battle, amongst enemies, amidst water or fire, in a vast ocean or on the tip of a mountain, while asleep, awake or in danger - virtuous deeds from the past are the protectors.

As you sow, so shall you reap!

If one has performed virtuous deeds in the past, the fruit of those deeds will come to his rescue in times of trouble. puNya (pure, holy deeds) is as if, it were a bank. If we have a positive balance, we could withdraw cash in times of need. If it is already marked in red with a negative balance, there is no way that we can count on getting any returns from that account.

When a person is facing any kind of calamities, natural or man-made, he does not have to worry about coming out of the situation. His prior deeds of virtue will bring him out unscathed, at the end of the tunnel.

Keep the faith and do good to others!

pada vigrahaH:
वने रणे शत्रु-जल-अग्नि-मध्ये
vane raNe shatru-jala-agni-madhye

महार्णवे पर्वत-मस्तके वा
maha arNave parvata-mastake vaa

सुप्‍तं प्रमत्तं विषम-स्थितं वा
suptaM pramattaM viShama-sthitaM vaa

रक्षन्ति पुण्यानि पुरा-कृतानि
rakShanti puNyaani puraa-kRutaani

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