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December 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वस्त्रेण वपुषा वाचा विद्यया विनयेन च
वकारैः पञ्चभिर्हीनः नरो नायाति गौरवम्
vastreNa vapuShaa vaachaa vidyayaa vinayena cha
vakaaraiH pa~nchabhirhInaH naro naayaati gauravam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Clothes, appearance, speech, knowledge and humility; a person without all these 5 'va' kaaraa-s (words starting with 'va') does not attain respect.

For a person to attain respect, there are a few basic requirements. All the 5 such requirements quoted here, apparently start with the alphabet 'va' (in Sanskrit).

1. vastra - clothes. As humans, in the society, being robed is acceptable. It doesn't have to be extravagant and expensive, but decent.

2. vapuSha - appearance. It is not just the physical beauty. It is more so the presentability of the person, pertaining more to the inner beauty and cleanliness.

3. vaachaa - speech. One's speech should be pleasant, appealing and un-hurtful.

4. vidyaa - knowledge, education. It is very important in assisting a person to attain the above three 'va' kaaras. Education gives one, awareness of the world and oneself too. It is also the one sure way to attain liberation (mukti).

5. vinaya - humility. This is the most important adornment to any human being. Whether he is rich or poor, young or old - humility is one adornment he can carry with him at all times.

A person who has all the above 5 qualities, automatically attains respect wherever he goes.

pada vigrahaH:
वस्त्रेण वपुषा वाचा विद्यया विनयेन च
vastreNa vapuShaa vaachaa vidyayaa vinayena cha

वकारैः पञ्चभिः हीनः नरः न आयाति गौरवम्
vakaaraiH pa~nchabhiH hInaH naraH na aayaati gauravam

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