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December 27th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कर्ता कारयिता चैव प्रेरकश्चानुमोदकः
सुकृते दुष्कृते चैव चत्वारः समभागिनः

kartaa kaarayitaa chaiva prerakashchaanumodakaH
sukRute duShkRute chaiva chatvaaraH samabhaaginaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The doer, the one who gets it done, the stimulator and the follower - be it a misdeed or a meritorious deed, all four of them have an equal share.

Whether it is a meritorious deed or a misdeed, the fruit of it is shouldered by four people. It is not just the person doing the deed. The person who wants the deed executed, the instigator and also the person following in those footsteps, are all responsible for the deed and get to share the repercussions for their deeds as well. It could be a gain or it could be a loss. One cannot say, 'I only instigated the deed, but didn't exactly do it', and sulk away from the responsibilities!

One has to give each action, serious thought before partaking in any aspect of the action, because, he certainly gets to bear the brunt or the fruit of the deed himself.

Look before you leap, think before you speak!

pada vigrahaH:
कर्ता कारयिता च एव प्रेरकः च अनुमोदकः
kartaa kaarayitaa cha eva prerakaH cha anumodakaH

सुकृते दुष्कृते च एव चत्वारः सम भागिनः
sukRute duShkRute cha eva chatvaaraH sama bhaaginaH

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