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December 10th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
क्षणशः कणशश्चैव विद्यामर्थं च साधयेत्
क्षण त्यागे कुतो विद्या कण त्यागे कुतो धनम्

- सुभाषितावलि

kShaNashaH kaNashashchaiva vidyaamarthaM cha saadhayet
kShaNa tyaage kuto vidyaa kaNa tyaage kuto dhanam
- subhaaShitaavali

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Knowledge and wealth are procured with every moment and grain (respectively). (If a) moment is wasted, how can knowledge come; (if a) grain is wasted, how can wealth come.

There is no limit to knowledge. If one is willing to further his quest for knowledge, he has to work constantly towards achieving that goal. Every moment lost, is equivalent to vidyaa (knowledge) lost. The message is for a vidyaarthi (one yearning for vidyaa, literally) - he has to strive continuously and have his focus set on achieving more each day, each hour, each moment.

If one is willing to harvest more, then he has to value every grain that he has grown. One can't be negligent and scatter his harvest around. The call here is not to be stingy, but to be mindful of the value of the grain and also the hard work that went into growing it. Only then, can one be prosperous!

Just as every drop of water makes the mighty ocean, every moment of learning adds to one's knowledge and every ounce of grain assists in making one prosperous.

pada vigrahaH:
क्षणशः कणशः च एव विद्याम् अर्थं च साधयेत्
kShaNashaH kaNashaH cha eva vidyaam arthaM cha saadhayet

क्षण त्यागे कुतः विद्या कण त्यागे कुतः धनम्
kShaNa tyaage kutaH vidyaa kaNa tyaage kutaH dhanam

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