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December 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अश्वस्य भूषणं वेगं मत्तं स्याद्गजभूषणम्
चातुर्यं भूषणं नार्या उद्योगं नरभूषणम्

ashvasya bhUShaNaM vegaM mattaM syaadgajabhUShaNam
chaaturyaM bhUShaNaM naaryaa udyogaM narabhUShaNam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Speed is a horse's adornment; jaggedness suits well for an elephant; prudence is an adornment for a woman; a profession is an adornment for a man.

A horse is known for its skill in running. No matter how fancy a horse's saddle and tack are, if the horse doesn't have speed, it is not very appealing. Speed is hence the adornment for a horse. For an elephant, his intoxicated state suits well. That is when he accomplishes more tasks.

Similarly, prudence and skillfulness are very essential for a woman and a profession for a man. Here the call for adornments for man and woman are given for a reason, gender bias not necessarily one of them. In today's world where men and women are working as equals, this might seem outdated at first. Although women work outside the home, it is still not easy to accept an unemployed man. Similarly, if the woman of the house is not judicious about how the resources of the house are put to use, there isn't much of a chance for the family to prosper.

If one really gives it a thought, no matter what century or generation, certain chores are best executed as nature intended. Although one might enter into the faculty of the other, it is better to master in their own arena first and then step into the shoe of the other. In that case, wouldn't the basic adornments still remain the same?!

pada vigrahaH:
अश्वस्य भूषणं वेगं मत्तं स्यात् गज भूषणम्
ashvasya bhUShaNaM vegaM mattaM syaat gaja bhUShaNam

चातुर्यं भूषणं नार्या उद्योगं नरभूषणम्
chaaturyaM bhUShaNaM naaryaa udyogaM narabhUShaNam

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