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September 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
धर्मो यशो नयो दाक्ष्यं मनोहारि सुभाषितम्
इत्यादि गुणरत्नानां सङ्ग्रही नावसीदति
- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

dharmo yasho nayo daakShyaM manohaari subhaaShitam
ityaadi guNaratnaanaaM sa~ngrahI naavasIdati
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He who collects jewels of merits such as dharma (virtue), fame, principles, politeness, mind captivating subhaaShitaa-s, etc, will never perish.

Why do people collect anything? People collect, in an effort to remember and re-live, for a connection to the past and memories! Objects can connect the collector to the historic, valued past. Hence, one's collections should be towards extracting the cream of the past, time-tested treasures, from the experience of his elders and ancestors.

The question now is, what should one collect to flourish in life? Not real estate, not cash, not jewels nor property. A good collection of merit is what he needs. The best of them are - dharma (virtue), fame, principles, politeness, mind captivating subhaaShitaa-s and the like. One may lead a life without money or property or embellishments. But without principles, virtues and politeness, there is no life. How about subhaaShitaa-s? The wisdom of a culture lies in its proverbs and sayings, although brief and pithy. They have much to say in very little. They save time in speaking and upon occasion, maybe the fullest and safest answers. Collect and learn them; they are notable measures of directions for human life!

How does one collect subhaaShitaa-s? Well, to build a ship, one doesn't need to collect wood or put down schedules, but rather, learn to long for the endless immensity of the sea. Then the task of building the ship will automatically be simplified! To collect subhaaShitaa-s, if one develops a love for learning the deep-set values in them, appreciation for their brevity and their immense importance in shaping the culture and the society, then the collection will happen naturally!

Collect such invaluable treasures that make life precious and treasure them dearer than life. As the poet says, such a person shall never perish. Success will come looking for that person. May each of us travel in that direction. We will meet like-minded people, with similar interests along the path, for, bird of same feather flock together! Hope we cut paths somewhere, sometime :).

pada vigrahaH:
धर्मः यशः नयः दाक्ष्यं मनोहारि सुभाषितम्
dharmaH yashaH nayaH daakShyaM manohaari subhaaShitam

इत्यादि गुण-रत्नानां सङ्ग्रही न अवसीदति
ityaadi guNa-ratnaanaaM sa~ngrahI na avasIdati


  1. मनोहारि सुभाषितम्।
    are correct. No dIrgha IkAra.

  2. Checked, my source says the same as well. It is fixed now :).

  3. All the best to you on the first birthday of the blog.