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September 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
साक्षात्पशुः पुच्छविषाणहीनः
तृणं न खादन्नपि जीवमानः
तद्भागधेयं परमं पशूनाम्

- नीतिशतक

saakShaatpashuH puchChaviShaaNahInaH
tRuNaM na khaadannapi jIvamaanaH
tadbhaagadheyaM paramaM pashUnaam
- nItishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He who is devoid of (the knowledge of) literary compositions, music/melody or art forms, is an embodiment of an animal without a tail and horns. The animals are fortunate that he survives without eating up the grass!

The poet opines that those devoid of literature/scriptures, a flair for music or other art forms, (vidyaa in short), is as good as an animal. He is just short on the tail and horns faculty :). The poet furthermore says that the real animals should be thankful that such a human being doesn't consume grass for food! Or the animals would run short on their feed too :).

The essence here being the fact that a human being needs not only to be appreciative of different art forms, he should value learning of all forms. vidyaa(knowledge) is one faculty that sets humans apart from animals. If that is not valued, isn't he the same as animals?

Knowledge is the food for the soul! Feed the soul healthy food in heavenly portions :).

pada vigrahaH:

साक्षात् पशुः पुच्छ-विषाण-हीनः
saakShaat pashuH puchCha-viShaaNa-hInaH

तृणं न खादन्न् अपि जीवमानः
tRuNaM na khaadann api jIvamaanaH

तत् भागधेयं परमं पशूनाम्
tat bhaagadheyaM paramaM pashUnaam

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