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September 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यशोदया समा कापि देवता नास्ति भूतले
उलूखले यया बद्धः मुक्तिदो मुक्तिमिच्छति

yashodayaa samaa kaapi devataa naasti bhUtale
ulUkhale yayaa baddhaH muktido muktimichChati

Meaning of the subhAShita:
There is no deity on this earth equal to yashodaa. He who liberates everyone, is asking her to release him, from the mortar that she has tied him to!

Who else can claim that they had tied down the liberator of all worlds. Only Lord Krishna's mother yashodaa can! Although she did not give birth to Him, she enjoyed the best of his childhood years!! She rocked Him to sleep, she held Him when He was hurt (or pretended to be hurt). She fed Him when He was hungry, she watched Him when He playfully bothered the gopi-s of vRundaavan. She watched Him drink milk, she caught Him stealing butter. She watched Him in His sleep, she kept an eye on Him when He was naughty. She hugged Him with love and she punished Him too, when he was mischievous!!

Once she even tied Him up with a rope, to a mortar, as she could not bear to hear anymore complaints about His mischief, from the villagers. The puppeteer that He is, He pretended to be bothered by the ropes and begged her to relieve Him of the ties! He who liberates one and all, from all kinds of bondage, implored yashodaa to release Him!! Isn't she the most envious of all beings! She had one blissful and blessed life, where she enjoyed motherhood of the ultimate order!

It is said that the Lord takes incarnations and comes to earth, especially to experience motherly love!!  Such is the greatness of a Mother's affection!

May He, Lord Krishna, bestow and shower such incredible joy on one and all!

pada vigrahaH:
यशोदया समा का अपि देवता न अस्ति भूतले
yashodayaa samaa kaa api devataa na asti bhUtale

उलूखले यया बद्धः मुक्तिदः मुक्तिम् इच्छति
ulUkhale yayaa baddhaH muktidaH muktim ichChati

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