September 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सर्वेषामेव शौचानां अर्थशौचं परं स्मृतम्
योऽर्थे शुचिर्हि स शुचिर्न मृद्वारिशुचिः शुचिः
- मनुस्मृति

sarveShaameva shauchaanaaM arthashauchaM paraM smRutam
yo.rthe shuchirhi sa shuchirna mRudvaarishuchiH shuchiH
- manusmRuti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Amongst all kinds of purities, purity in matters of wealth is deemed the highest. He who is lucid in matters of money is only lucid. Cleanliness is not achieved through bathing with mud and water. (Mud was used as a scrub to cleanse).

Give and take are supposed to have a spiritual aspect to them. Taking wealth that does not belong to one, is considered a crime. Be it in any which way or form, taking wealth is stealing! It not only adds additional burden to one's own karma, but also increases his RuNa (debt) as well.

He who is lucid in matters of money is considered as most lucid. Bathing with fragrant oils and applying perfumes are all only superficial cleansing. Purity in dealing with wealth, is an affair of a different order. It has more to do with one's integrity and morale. Hence, it is considered superior.

Money often costs too much! Let not the price be one's solidarity and integrity!!

pada vigrahaH:
सर्वेषाम् एव शौचानां अर्थ-शौचं परं स्मृतम्
sarveShaam eva shauchaanaaM artha-shauchaM paraM smRutam

यः अर्थे शुचिः हि स शुचिः न मृत्-वारि-शुचिः शुचिः
yaH arthe shuchiH hi sa shuchiH na mRut-vaari-shuchiH shuchiH

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