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September 18th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
विषस्य विषयाणाञ्च दूरमत्यन्तमन्तरम्
उपभुक्तं विषं हन्ति विषयाः स्मरणादपि

viShasya viShayaaNaa~ncha dUramatyantamantaram
upabhuktaM viShaM hanti viShayaaH smaraNaadapi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The disparity between 'viSha' (poison) and 'viShaya' (object of sense) is enormous. viSha kills on consumption; viShaya kills just by reminiscing.

In sanskrit, the words for 'poison' and 'objects of sense', sound almost similar. Poison is called viSha, sense objects are called viShaya. The disparity in pronunciation is of only one syllable in the end. But then, their attributes have a ginormous divergence! They couldn't differ from each other more!

viSha kills on consumption. One can safely hold it, see it, hear about it or sometimes, smell it even. It kills only when tasted ;). But then, viShaya on the contrary, kills at the very recollection or thought of it!! For example, if one thinks of a piece of jewellery, he does not have to touch it, see it, hold it, hear the details about it and obviously, smell or taste it either. The very thought can entrap the person in its grasp! If his vaasana-s are such, then his entire day, week or years, can go by, in being caught up about acquiring that article. Such is the power of a sense object. Even without being physically present in front of the person, it can take him through a vicious trap with barely any outlet. Hence, the poet says, viShaya-s are far more hazardous than even poison!!

Let not the materials possess you, in your quest to possess the materials! viShaya is the only form of distraction from true bliss. Find thy way to thy bliss.

pada vigrahaH:
विषस्य विषयाणां च दूरम् अत्यन्तम् अन्तरम्
viShasya viShayaaNaaM cha dUram atyantam antaram

उपभुक्तं विषं हन्ति विषयाः स्मरणात् अपि
upabhuktaM viShaM hanti viShayaaH smaraNaat api

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