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September 12th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अक्षराणि परीक्ष्यन्ताम् अम्बराडम्बरेण किम्
शम्भुरम्बरहीनोऽपि सर्वज्ञः किं न कथ्यते

- अप्पय्यदीक्षित

akSharaaNi parIkShyantaam ambaraaDambareNa kim
shambhurambarahIno.pi sarvaj~naH kiM na kathyate
- appayyadIkShita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Examine the vidyaa, what is the point in flashy robes? Even though He is digambara (one whose robes are the 4 directions), isn't Lord shiva considered a sarvajna (all-knowing)!

Language is the dress of thought. One's mindset and thinking can be gauged through his speech. Working on that is a much better effort than time spent in superficial attire. One can be the best dressed in town, but the minute he opens his mouth to speak, the language could be foul or uncultured. His dress can earn him only so much value. But after that, it is the learning and the culture he has imbibed that factor in.

Lord shiva is never in flashy robes or jewelry. His robes are elephant/tiger skin and snakes are His jewelry, at best! But isn't He worshiped and revered as all-knowing and all-pervading! It is the knowledge that carries more weight.  'a-kShara' also means - immutable, imperishable.  Lord shiva stands for that immutable knowledge of the self.  The perishable body, it's looks and its accessories don't come into account when the imperishable is given the highest regard!

There may be those that dress better or eat better, but those that enjoy and appreciate the value of learning, sleep better! Think about it - elegance is not putting on a new dress, as much as putting on good values.

pada vigrahaH:
अक्षराणि परीक्ष्यन्ताम् अम्बर-आडम्बरेण किम्
akSharaaNi parIkShyantaam ambara-aaDambareNa kim

शम्भुः अम्बर-हीनः अपि सर्वज्ञः किं न कथ्यते
shambhuH ambara-hInaH api sarvaj~naH kiM na kathyate


  1. अक्षराणि परीक्ष्यन्तामम्बराडम्बरेण किम्।
    शम्भुरम्बरहीनोऽपि सर्वज्ञः किं न कथ्यते॥

  2. @lalitaalaalitah, thought you were mentioning the punctuation in the commentary earlier. To put the poorNaviraamas in the shloka now, would be difficult. To keep the consistency across the board, would have to skip that for now. It is a good thought, but too late to implement :(. Hopefully when I find some time in the future.

  3. As you wish.
    But, it will be always better to improve at the point you came to know. Is keeping consistency so important?

  4. Samba Murthy10/19/10, 9:25 PM

    It has been a pleasure to go thru' all these pearls of wisdom. May your good work continue


  5. @Murthy, thanks for your good wishes.