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September 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
रिक्तपाणिर्नपश्येत राजानं दैवतं गुरुम्
दैवज्ञं पुत्रकं मित्रं फलेन फलमादिशेत्

riktapaaNirnapashyeta raajaanaM daivataM gurum
daivaj~naM putrakaM mitraM phalena phalamaadishet

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Do not go empty-handed to see a king, God, teacher, a learned person, a child or a friend. Invoke fruitfulness with fruit!

There is a purpose for going to see someone. It could be love, reverence, devotion, affection or even fear! Without a purpose, one would have not taken the pain and effort to go to see anyone. For the visit to be fruitful, why not start with a fruit! Meaning, take some fruit to offer to the person.

When one goes to see a king, God in the temple, his teacher, a learned person, a child or a friend, it is a nice gesture to take something along. Going empty-handed to such places is not customary. It shows the person that you cared to think of them even before actually seeing them! That is enough to make them happy. Whether it is a fruit, a flower, a dish or a snack - it doesn't matter. It is the thought that counts.

A wise person values not so much the gift, as the love of the giver. Also, the manner of giving is worth more than the gift itself.

When giving, give thoughtfully. When receiving, receive the giver's thoughts!

pada vigrahaH:
रिक्त-पाणिः न पश्येत राजानं दैवतं गुरुम्
rikta-paaNiH na pashyeta raajaanaM daivataM gurum

दैवज्ञं पुत्रकं मित्रं फलेन फलम् आदिशेत्
daivaj~naM putrakaM mitraM phalena phalam aadishet

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