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September 7th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
षट्कर्णो भिद्यते मन्त्रः चतुष्कर्णः स्थिरो भवेत्
द्विकर्णस्य च मन्त्रस्य ब्रह्माप्यन्तन्न गच्छति

ShaTkarNo bhidyate mantraH chatuShkarNaH sthiro bhavet
dvikarNasya cha mantrasya brahmaapyantanna gachChati

Meaning of the subhAShita:
That which is (heard) by six ears gets shattered; that which is (heard) by four ears gets affirmed. That which stays between the two ears, even Lord brahma cannot meet the end of it!

Spells, thoughts or secrets! That which is heard by six or more ears, (meaning, including the speaker, two others), gets broken. Although humans have two ears and one mouth, the tendency is, to speak more than listen! News and rumors travel faster than wind. They get transmitted from one mouth to another, with the inclusions of others' versions and exaggerations as well. Within no time, it will be the talk of the town!

That which is heard by four ears (meaning, the speaker and only one other person), gets affirmed. When a guru teaches a mantra to his disciple, he teaches him in the ear. That strengthens the potency of the mantra. On a more mundane level, if a thought is shared with the spouse, a parent, a friend or a well-wisher, he gets a re-affirmation as well as a second opinion to his thoughts. Depending on that he could either continue further in the direction or abandon it.

But the thought that stays between two ears, (meaning, in one's own head), even Lord brahma cannot foresee the outcome of it! The thoughts kept within are unbreakable and predicting their outcome is impossible. For every thought, the connecting thoughts can take many a different turn and branch out further with many more possibilities and probabilities. The mind is so complex that it could go any which way, depending on the mindset of the person, at that given time. Then how can anyone guess the end result?

If publicizing is the idea, talk about it with two people. Also remember, he who gossips with you, gossips of you!

If reassurance or advice about something is the quest, discuss it with one near or dear person. For, affirmation without disciple is the beginning of delusion!

If ultimate secrecy is the goal, do not open thy mouth! Then even Lord brahma can't figure it out :).

Choice is yours!

pada vigrahaH:
षट्-कर्णः भिद्यते मन्त्रः चतुष्कर्णः स्थिरः भवेत्ShaT-karNaH bhidyate mantraH chatuShkarNaH sthiraH bhavet

द्वि-कर्णस्य च मन्त्रस्य ब्रह्मा अपि अन्तं न गच्छतिdvi-karNasya cha mantrasya brahmaa api antaM na gachChati

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