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September 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
श्रेयांसि बहु विघ्नानि भवन्ति महतामपि
अश्रेयसि प्रवृत्तानां दूरं यान्ति विनायकाः

shreyaaMsi bahu vighnaani bhavanti mahataamapi
ashreyasi pravRuttaanaaM dUraM yaanti vinaayakaaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
For the noble who perform laudable deeds, there are many a hurdle. From those involved in disgraceful deeds, even obstacles stay away!

There are always two choices, two paths to take. One is easy, the other difficult. The easy route's only reward is that - it's easy! The reason being, even obstacles prefer to stay out of the way of the person vested in disgraceful interests! The poet says, if obstacles were personified, even they would rather be in the company of the noble :). That is probably why there are lot more pit stops on the path to nobility. That is probably why the noble see lot more hardships in the due course. That is probably why the noble become, well.., noble :).

In other words, do not lose heart due to meeting hardships on the way. Do not compromise ethics for entertainment. Do not trade morals for material. If there are impediments on the way, that means life is giving an opportunity to learn! If there are stumbling blocks, that means nobility and strength are being tested! If there are struggles, that means you did not choose an easy, rosy, unethical path! Hang in there. The light at the end of the tunnel will soon be visible.

Because..., it's choice, not chance, that determines one's destiny!!

pada vigrahaH:
श्रेयांसि बहु विघ्नानि भवन्ति महताम् अपि
shreyaaMsi bahu vighnaani bhavanti mahataam api

अश्रेयसि प्रवृत्तानां दूरं यान्ति विनायकाः
ashreyasi pravRuttaanaaM dUraM yaanti vinaayakaaH

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