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September 10th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
तपः परं कृतयुगे त्रेतायां ज्ञानमुच्यते
द्वापरे यज्ञमित्यूचुः दानमेकं कलौ युगे

- पराशरस्मृति

tapaH paraM kRutayuge tretaayaaM j~naanamuchyate
dvaapare yaj~namityUchuH daanamekaM kalau yuge
- paraasharasmRuti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In the kRuta yuga penance was the best; in tretaa yuga, knowledge, it is said; they say fire sacrifices in the dwaapara yuga; in kali yuga, it is only giving.

kRuta yuga or the satya yuga, is the first of the cycle of 4 eras. It is a very significant one, where the Gods govern the mankind. During that era, very tough and rigid penances were deemed as most rewarding. dharma was very well established and to be most virtuous, one needed to perform penances and meditations.

After some declension of dharma, came the tretaa yuga. During that epoch, one could attain liberation through the mode of jnaana (knowledge). Learning the scriptures and following a pious life was sufficient to be virtuous.

Further fall of dharma gave rise to the dwapara yuga. In this age, one was required to perform sacrifices and give offerings through the fire to the deities, in order to increase their virtues.

After almost the downfall of dharma, the eon called kali yuga started. In this time and era, to be virtuous, all one needs to do is, give selflessly! Gaining virtue has been made so simple. One doesn't have to perform very rigorous penances nor understand multitudes of scriptures nor perform tough sacrifices. Giving up the attachment to possessions and sharing with fellow beings generously, is all that is required to make one virtuous! Is that too much to ask for?

Giving can be at various levels. If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart. It is not what is given that matters as much as how it is given. You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Give heartily!

pada vigrahaH:
तपः परं कृत-युगे त्रेतायां ज्ञानम् उच्यते
tapaH paraM kRuta-yuge tretaayaaM j~naanam uchyate

द्वापरे यज्ञम् इति ऊचुः दानम् एकं कलौ युगे
dvaapare yaj~nam iti UchuH daanam ekaM kalau yuge

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