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September 22nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अवज्ञया न दातव्यं कस्यचिल्लीलयापि वा
अवज्ञया कृतं हन्यात् दातारं नात्र संशयः

avaj~nayaa na daatavyaM kasyachillIlayaapi vaa
avaj~nayaa kRutaM hanyaat daataaraM naatra saMshayaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Never give (charity) to anyone with contempt, even for pretence. Charity done in contempt will obliterate the giver, there is no doubt about that.

'Giving' is an act that is done out of the goodness of one's heart, not for name and fame. It should be done with humility and modesty. Giving is not for the benefit of the receiver, as much as it is for the giver, actually. The giver was blessed with a little more than the receiver. Hence he is able to share. But then, the giver benefits more because it teaches him selflessness. So, the attitude with which he gives is very important. Giving with contempt or arrogance is the worst kind of giving. The poet says, not even the sake of pretence should one give with contempt, for it is certain to destroy the giver! Isn't giving futile if one is putting an axe on his own feet? If the giving is bringing down one's moral and value grounds, might as well not give!

Like they say, you get the best out of others, when you give the best of yourself. And that begins with the attitude with which it is given. Humility is the only way. The value of a person resides in what and how he gives; not is what he is capable of receiving. For, it is in giving that we receive! And, the manner of giving is worth much more than the gift itself.

pada vigrahaH:
अवज्ञया न दातव्यं कस्यचित् लीलयापि वा
avaj~nayaa na daatavyaM kasyachit lIlayaapi vaa

अवज्ञया कृतं हन्यात् दातारं न अत्र संशयः
avaj~nayaa kRutaM hanyaat daataaraM na atra saMshayaH

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