September 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मधु पश्यति मूढात्मा प्रपातं नैव पश्यति
करोति निन्दितं कर्म नरकान्न बिभेति च
- देवीभागवत

madhu pashyati mUDhaatmaa prapaataM naiva pashyati
karoti ninditaM karma narakaanna bibheti cha
- devIbhaagavata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The imbecile sees the honey, not the chasm (he is falling into), performs despicable deeds and is not afraid of going to hell either.

With his sight fixated upon the honey in the hive above, the imbecile does not watch his step to see if he is falling off the cliff! Only an imbecile can undertake such a task. In real lives, many a times, the honorable and despicable actions are not as well defined as the honey and the cliff. One needs to be aware of his actions constantly and avoid those that are not virtuous. The scriptures all say that one indulging in such deeds goes to hell. A dull witted person, although he knows his deeds are detestable, engages in them, without even the fear of the consequences. The act itself is so enticing to him, (like the sweetness of the honey draws his attention), the crevice on the land he is standing itself goes unnoticed!

Each of us bears his own hell. They say, 'Go to heaven for the climate and to hell for the company!' :). Let not that come true. Let each one make his own heaven and inspire those around to make their own as well.

pada vigrahaH:
मधु पश्यति मूढ-आत्मा प्रपातं न एव पश्यति
madhu pashyati mUDha-aatmaa prapaataM na eva pashyati

करोति निन्दितं कर्म नरकात् न बिभेति च
karoti ninditaM karma narakaat na bibheti cha

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