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September 16th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शनैःशनैर्विनीयन्ते तर्जनैस्तोषणैरपि ।
नवा इवाश्वाः कुशलैः बालाश्चपलचेतसः ॥

- हरिहरसुभाषित

śanaiḥśanairvinīyante tarjanaistoṣaṇairapi ।
navā ivāśvāḥ kuśalaiḥ bālāścapalacetasaḥ ॥
- hariharasubhāṣita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The skillful discipline the agile minded children slowly and gradually, with both reprovals and rewards, as they would, new horses.

Taming a new horse is a skillful job. The trainer handles the horse with both love and sternness. He talks very lovingly to the horse while feeding it and training it. But if it does not heed, he gets very stern with the horse as well! It is an integral part of training a horse. A horse so tamed could then be handled by anyone and not just the trainer!

Almost the same rules apply in raising children. By nature, their minds are agile and nimble. If one has to discipline them, he can not always please them. Their demands might, many a time, be far from being satiable. Just because it upsets the child, one can not bring a tiger home, for his asking!! Children need to understand that every demand they put forth cannot be met. Showering them with sweet words can be saved for another time when they are not throwing tantrums. Showing them that they are loved and cared for, is a very essential part as well. The hugs and kisses are for a later time when they are not being disciplined. Raising children is not a 'one rule for all situations' policy.

Only then shall the child grow up to be a confident adult who can not only take care of himself but also value the values. He would grow up to be a respectful human being, who also respects the thoughts and needs of those around him. Such children can be easily compatible with most people later on in their lives. Isn't that the cherished treasure children should be left with!

pada vigrahaH:
शनैः शनैः विनीयन्ते तर्जनैः तोषणैः अपि ।
śanaiḥ śanaiḥ vinīyante tarjanaiḥ toṣaṇaiḥ api ।

नवाः इव अश्वाः कुशलैः बालाः चपल-चेतसः ॥
navāḥ iva aśvāḥ kuśalaiḥ bālāḥ capala-cetasaḥ ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
shanaiHshanairvinIyante tarjanaistoShaNairapi ।
navaa ivaashvaaH kushalaiH baalaashchapalachetasaH ॥
- hariharasubhaaShita

shanaiH shanaiH vinIyante tarjanaiH toShaNaiH api ।
navaaH iva ashvaaH kushalaiH baalaaH chapala-chetasaH ॥

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  1. Thanks for creating such beautiful blog and again for this verse. I was looking for this verse forever. My Guru ji said that children should be groomed justvas we train horses and I said would want to know more. And here it is . Lovely! Again all my gratitude for this knowledge!