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September 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
किमप्यस्ति स्वभावेन सुन्दरं वाप्यसुन्दरम्
यदेव रोचते यस्मै तद्भवेत्तस्य सुन्दरम्

- हितोपदेष, सुहृद्भेद

kimapyasti svabhaavena sundaraM vaapyasundaram
yadeva rochate yasmai tadbhavettasya sundaram
- hitopadeSha, suhRudbheda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Is there anything that is beautiful or ugly inherently? Whatever appeals to whomever, that looks beautiful to him.

Beauty lies is in the eyes of the beholder! There is nothing on earth that comes bearing a beautiful or ugly tag. The inherent nature of anything does not include this tag. In the creator's eye, everything is equally beautiful and each has its own special place and requirement in this world. Or, He would not have taken the time and energy in creating it.

But then, to the onlooker's eye, some things are appealing, some are not. No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly, or vice versa. Who is most beautiful in this world? There is no best answer to this question. To someone, the person voted as the most beautiful in the world, may not be as appealing as their simple looking spouse. One does not love a person because of their beauty, but the person looks beautiful because of their love!

All said and done, physical beauty is only skin deep. The real beauty of a person comes from the inner depths of his existence. It is a blend of his integrity, solidarity, modesty, kindness and humility. Cultivate those traits to make thyself beautiful!

pada vigrahaH:
किम् अपि अस्ति स्वभावेन सुन्दरं वा अपि असुन्दरम्
kim api asti svabhaavena sundaraM vaa api asundaram

यदेव रोचते यस्मै तत् भवेत् तस्य सुन्दरम्
yadeva rochate yasmai tat bhavet tasya sundaram

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