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April 7th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
विद्याविनयोपेता हरति न चेतांसि कस्य मनुजस्य
मणिकाञ्चनसंयोगो जनयति लोकस्य लोचनानन्दम्

- हरिहरसुभाषित

vidyaavinayopetaa harati na chetaaMsi kasya manujasya
maNikaa~nchanasamyogo janayati lokasya lochanaanandam
- hariharasubhaaShita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Knowledge in union with modesty, whose heart doesn't it steal? Gems in combination with gold entice the eyes of everyone.

Shiny gems and stones catch anyone's eye due to their lustre. But they can't be worn by themselves. The gems need to be cut and shaped and embellished in gold so that they are readily wearable. Only when they are set in gold, do they stand out uniquely and appeal to the eyes of the beholder.

Similarly, it is not enough if one is just educated. Education has to be in union with modesty and humility in order to be appealing. Education with arrogance and no humility is just as raw diamonds. Although it is a so-called precious gem, it is not valued the same as a well-cut diamond. Chances are, it could even go unnoticed. Only those experienced in the field would identify the rock (here, his education). To the rest of the world, it is a useless piece of rock, unless cut and set.

Don't just be educated, be humble and educated!

pada vigrahaH:
विद्या-विनय-उपेता हरति न चेतांसि कस्य मनुजस्य
vidyaa vinaya upetaa harati na chetaaMsi kasya manujasya

मणि-काञ्चन-संयोगः जनयति लोकस्य लोचन-आनन्दम्
maNi-kaa~nchana-saMyogaH janayati lokasya lochana aanandam

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