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April 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अनेकानि च शास्त्राणि स्वल्पायुर्विघ्नकोटयः
तस्मात्सारं विजानीयात् क्षीरं हंस इवाम्भसि

- गरुडपुराण

anekaani cha shaastraaNi svalpaayurvighnakoTayaH
tasmaatsaaraM vijaanIyaat kShIraM haMsa ivaambhasi
- garuDapuraaNa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Many a scripture, minuscule of a lifespan, ten million hurdles! Hence, understand the quintessence, like a swan (takes) milk from water.

There are multitudes of scriptures and books of knowledge. It is very difficult for one, to know and learn all of it. And there is no point in it either. Any knowledge or scripture that is just learnt, is not sufficient. It needs to be applied and put to use as well. With the limited lifespan, one is bestowed with and the innumerous hurdles life throws at him, it is practically impossible to know everything that there is. Especially in today's world, bombarded with various modes of information and the world shrinking faster than ever, it is extremely hard to keep up.

Allegorically, a swan can separate milk from water and take just the milk! Similarly, the poet encourages one to get the gist of the knowledge than trying to dig into all the arenas and end up with nothing much in any field.

Consolidate your knowledge. Be selective about what and how many things you want to do in the given amount of time. Both the time and effort will prove to be productive.

pada vigrahaH:
अनेकानि च शास्त्राणि स्वल्प आयुः विघ्न कोटयः
anekaani cha shaastraaNi svalpa aayuH vighna koTayaH

तस्मात् सारं विजानीयात् क्षीरं हंसः इव आम्भसि 
tasmaat saaraM vijaanIyaat kShIraM haMsaH iva aambhasi

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