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April 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
उपकारिषु यः साधुः साधुत्वे तस्य को गुणः
अपकारिषु यः साधुः स साधुः सद्भिरुच्यते
- पञ्चतन्त्र

upakaariShu yaH saadhuH saadhutve tasya ko guNaH
apakaariShu yaH saadhuH sa saadhuH sadbhiruchyate
- pa~nchatantra

Meaning of the subhAShita:
What is the efficacy in showing virtue towards one's benefactor? The noble say that he is great who can be virtuous to his tortfeasors too.

Being kind and courteous to one's benefactor is the easiest kind of deed. He did good to me, I'll do good to him too! What is the greatness in that? The virtuous deeds done by both, cancel each other out. But great is he who can overlook the misgivings of another and yet, be nice and helpful to his wrongdoers. That takes a lot more of one's greatness and generosity. He needs to be able to forget and forgive the wrong that was done to him. At the same time, he needs to be able to take a further step ahead to help the person that wronged him. When one is able to see past the misdeeds of the other, he belongs to a league of a different order instantaneously! The logic of 'a thorn is removed by a thorn' does not work in this case. His broadness of mind and greatness of virtue will have the ability to change the wrongdoer internally. Then, the thorn gets removed automatically, without having to use another thorn.

Forget and forgive. Look past the follies of others.

pada vigrahaH:
उपकारिषु यः साधुः साधुत्वे तस्य कः गुणः
upakaariShu yaH saadhuH saadhutve tasya kaH guNaH

अपकारिषु यः साधुः सः साधुः सद्भिः उच्यते
apakaariShu yaH saadhuH saH saadhuH sadbhiH uchyate

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