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April 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
परनिन्दासु पाण्डित्यं स्वेषु कार्येष्वनुद्यमः
प्रद्वेषश्च गुणज्ञेषु पन्थानो ह्यापदां त्रयः

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

paranindaasu paaNDityaM sveShu kaaryeShvanudyamaH
pradveShashcha guNaj~neShu panthaano hyaapadaaM trayaH
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Erudition in criticizing others, languidness in one's own duties, hatred towards the meritorious - these 3 are paths towards trouble.

Eloquence and scholarship should be shown in appreciating an achievement, or in doing good to those around. Instead, if these faculties are applied for criticizing others, it is beneficial to neither the criticizer nor the criticized! It only brews hurtful feelings in both, causes a rift and brings more trouble in turn.

There are no compromises when it comes to one's duties. They have to be accomplished by oneself. If someone else did it for him, then it would not be called his duty in the first place :) Non-industriousness and laziness towards one's own duties is an open invitation for trouble! If non-resolve didn't invite trouble, then it wouldn't be called duty, to begin with :).

When in the company of meritorious and talented, the best thing to do is, learning from them and sharing opinions with them. Having an intellectual conversation with such people only adds to one's own knowledge base as well as value base. Instead, if he breeds contempt and hatred towards them, he not only hates the people, he would tend to hate their values too. Who is the loser by doing this? Isn't he getting himself in trouble by doing this?

Think about it. Is it really worth the effort to - gossip about others, procrastinate one's own duties or hate anyone, for that matter?

Stay away from trouble or any actions that bring trouble.

pada vigrahaH:
परनिन्दासु पाण्डित्यं स्वेषु कार्येषु अनुद्यमः
paranindaasu paaNDityaM sveShu kaaryeShu anudyamaH

प्रद्वेषः च गुणज्ञेषु पन्थानो हि आपदां त्रयः
pradveShaH cha guNaj~neShu panthaano hi aapadaaM trayaH

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