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April 5th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कर्मायत्तं फलं पुम्सां बुद्धिः कर्मानुसारिणी
तथापि सुधियाश्चऽऽर्याः सुविचार्यैव कुर्वते

- चाण्क्य नीति

karmaayattaM phalaM pumsaaM buddhiH karmaanusaariNI
tathaapi sudhiyaashcha..ryaaH suvichaaryaiva kurvate
- chaaNkya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Beings attain fruit as per their actions, actions conform to the intellect. Thence, the intelligent noble, execute after reflection.

Every action has a repercussion. These are the fruits of the actions. One's deeds dictate what kind of life he is going to lead now and for a long time to come. A person undertakes actions as per his intellect. But once the intellect is transformed into the deed, it can not be taken back. It will yield fruit, no matter what. The noble are aware of this fact. Hence, they apply their intellect and think their actions through, before putting them into action. Once the thoughts are set on the wheels of action, there is no stopping until the result is attained. In that case, isn't it smart to put them in the right direction?

Look before you leap. Reflect before you act!

pada vigrahaH:
कर्म-अयत्तं फलं पुम्सां बुद्धिः कर्म अनुसारिणी
karma-ayattaM phalaM pumsaaM buddhiH karma anusaariNI

तथा अपि सुधियाः च आर्याः सुविचार्य एव कुर्वते
tathaa api sudhiyaaH cha aaryaaH suvichaarya eva kurvate

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