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April 28th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
न तेन वृद्धो भवति येनास्य पलितं शिरः
यो वै युवाप्यधीयानः तं देवाः स्थविरं विदुः
- मनुस्मृति

na tena vRuddho bhavati yenaasya palitaM shiraH
yo vai yuvaapyadhIyaanaH taM devaaH sthaviraM viduH
- manusmRuti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
One doesn't become a grown man because of his graying head. Those that are learned, even if young, are considered as the exalted wise by the Gods.

Age and maturity are not directly proportional always. One's maturity and learnedness are hence, not based upon the number of gray hair one has on his head. A youngster could be more learned and wiser than an old man with a ripe head full of gray hair.

The poet says that even Gods accept this and revere the learned one. There are multitudes of such instances both in mythology and reality where a little child has enlightened the elders.

Take the knowledge, whether it is coming from a little mouth or an elderly one. Revere the knowledge in them irrespective of their chronological age.

pada vigrahaH:
न तेन वृद्धः भवति येन अस्य पलितं शिरः
na tena vRuddhaH bhavati yena asya palitaM shiraH

यः वै युवा अपि अधीयानः तं देवाः स्थविरं विदुः
yaH vai yuvaa api adhIyaanaH taM devaaH sthaviraM viduH

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