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April 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कामं क्रोधं तथा लोभं स्वादं शृङ्गारकौतुके
अतिनिद्राऽतिसेवा च विद्यार्थी ह्यष्ट वर्जयेत्

- चाणक्य नीति

kaamaM krodhaM tathaa lobhaM svaadaM shRu~ngaarakautuke
atinidraa.tisevaa cha vidyaarthI hyaShTa varjayet
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Desire, anger, avarice, taste, eroticism, vehemence, too much sleep and overly tending - these 8 should be shunned by a student.

The sole goal of a student should be earning knowledge (vidyaa). In order to keep his focus on the goal, he should avoid disruptive situations with a vengeance. For that, a student should shun 8 undesirable situations.

Desire - deviates the goal and takes all the energy in the fulfilment of that desire.

Anger - clouds judgement.

Avarice(greed) - delineates from the ethics being learnt.

Taste - weaknesses of the palate draws away from learning in many ways - health, alertness, aptitude.

Eroticism - has no place in a student's life. Indulgence and learning do not go hand in hand as they take the individual in completely opposite directions. No saying beyond that!

Vehemence - learning takes a lot of patience and thinking. Getting emotional and impatient is nowhere coherent with learning.

Oversleep - rest is required but in the right proportions. Sleeping too much mars alertness and paves way for laziness. Losing precious time that could be utilized in learning is a whole other issue.

Overly tending - tending to elders and teachers is very much professed. But being overly subservient dispels one's ability to think on his own. One of the requirements for learning is inquisitiveness. A totally subservient learner takes every word for granted and does not promote independent thinking.

Beware of these 8 hurdles on the path of learning. Then you are already halfway towards success!

pada vigrahaH:
कामं क्रोधं तथा लोभं स्वादं शृङ्गार-कौतुके
kaamaM krodhaM tathaa lobhaM svaadaM shRu~ngaara-kautuke

अति-निद्रा अति-सेवा च विद्या-अर्थी हि अष्ट-वर्जयेत्
ati nidraa ati sevaa cha vidyaa arthI hi aShTa varjayet

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