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April 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आचारः कुलमाख्याति देशमाख्याति भाषणम्
संभ्रमः स्नेहमाख्याति वपुराख्याति भोजनम्

- चाणक्य नीति

aachaaraH kulamaakhyaati deshamaakhyaati bhaaShaNam
saMbhramaH snehamaakhyaati vapuraakhyaati bhojanam
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
(One's) comportment tells about his lineage; speech mentions his land; excitement communicates affection; form declares food traits.

A person's conduct and composure give hints about his upbringing. A person's reaction to situations tells about his personality and his family background.

The way a person speaks gives clues about his country. He would speak a certain language or dialect, in a certain style and accent. That gives whereabouts about his motherland.

The expression upon seeing another person speaks volumes about his affection towards him. When a near or dear one comes, the eyes light up with excitement. The same expression is not shown towards a 'not so dear' friend. The excitement is directly proportional to the fondness of the person.

A person's physical form declares his food habits. Like they say, 'you are what you eat'. The food consumed is what nurtures the body. Hence the body form gives away food habits.

Keep good friends, know thy traits.

pada vigrahaH:
आचारः कुलम् आख्याति देशम् आख्याति भाषणम्
aachaaraH kulam aakhyaati desham aakhyaati bhaaShaNam

संभ्रमः स्नेहम् आख्याति वपुः आख्याति भोजनम्
saMbhramaH sneham aakhyaati vapuH aakhyaati bhojanam

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