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April 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
तृणं लघु तृणात्तूलं तूलादपि च याचकः
वायुना किं न नीतोऽसौ मामयं याचयिष्यतीति

- चाणक्य नीति

tRuNaM laghu tRuNaattUlaM tUlaadapi cha yaachakaH
vaayunaa kiM na nIto.sau maamayaM yaachayiShyatIti
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Grass is light, cotton is more nimble than grass, a scrounger (yaachaka) is more insignificant than cotton. But why is he not blown away by wind? (Because, wind) is (afraid) that he will solicit something from him (too)!

Whether a person is valued or not, whether he is taken seriously or not, depends on his own values and vices. A person's significance comes from his conduct, not his possessions. One may accumulate multitudes of objects following the 'beg, borrow or steal' principle. That brings no respect to him. In the poet's opinion, a freeloader is more wretched and obsolete than a twig of grass or a speck of cotton! These two are so light that they are blown away by the smallest whiff of wind. Then shouldn't a borrower or a cadger, who is more insignificant than these, be carried away by the wind? Oh NO! Even the wind is apprehensive that the borrower might badger him into parting with something he wants!! That sure is petty :(.

Morals and values account for the true weight of a person.

One who obtains has little, one who scatters has much!

pada vigrahaH:
तृणं लघु तृणात् तूलं तूलात् अपि च याचकः
tRuNaM laghu tRuNaat tUlaM tUlaat api cha yaachakaH

वायुना किं न नीतः असौ माम् अयं याचयिष्यती इति
vaayunaa kiM na nItaH asau maam ayaM yaachayiShyatI iti

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