April 10th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
धन धान्य प्रयोगेषु विद्यासङ्ग्रहणेषु च
आहारे व्यवहारे च त्यक्तलज्जः सुखी भवेत्
- चाणक्य नीति

dhana dhaanya prayogeShu vidyaasa~ngrahaNeShu cha
aahaare vyavahaare cha tyaktalajjaH sukhI bhavet
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In dealing with money and riches, earning knowledge, eating and in conduct - he who is not shy prospers.

When one is in business, dealing with money and materials, he can not afford to be shy. He can't feel obligated to ask for money from his customers. Else, he will run into losses and his business will fall apart.

A person who is on a quest for knowledge can not permit himself to be shy. On the path of learning, it is natural to have many a questions. One needs to be bold to clarify his doubts. Like they say, 'Ask the question, you may feel stupid for a moment, if you don't, you will remain stupid for ever!" Shyness can not be pro-active towards learning.

When eating, one can not entertain shyness. He would have to say what he wants and what he doesn't. One may be able to accommodate and be wary for a day or two, but on a longer run, he is better off expressing his opinions.

One's conduct or approach towards people is very crucial for his progress in his career or in the society. He should be able to express his views, whims and fancies and ideas, as and when appropriate. If he is of bashful nature, he will not be able to present himself or his thoughts rightly.

Shyness in any of the above scenarios will not make a person happy. When he is not happy, he can not prosper.

Hence, pack your shyness up and speak up! There is no substitute for you!!

pada vigrahaH:
धन धान्य प्रयोगेषु विद्या सङ्ग्रहणेषु च
dhana dhaanya prayogeShu vidyaa sa~ngrahaNeShu cha

आहारे व्यवहारे च त्यक्त लज्जः सुखी भवेत्
aahaare vyavahaare cha tyakta lajjaH sukhI bhavet

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