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April 12th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पुष्पे गन्धं तिले तैलं काष्ठेऽग्निं पयसि घृतम्
इक्षौ गुडं तथा देहे पश्यात्मानं विवेकतः

- चाणक्य नीति

puShpe gandhaM tile tailaM kaaShThe.gniM payasi ghRutam
ikShau guDaM tathaa dehe pashyaatmaanaM vivekataH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
(Just as) fragrance in a flower, oil in the sesame seeds, fire in the log, ghee in the milk, jaggery in the sugarcane, through wisdom, see the aatmaa in the body.

We can see and touch a flower, but not its fragrance. The fragrance is only felt. When sesame seeds are held in the hand, the oil in them is presumed, not touched. A piece of wood has the potential to burn, the fire in it is assumed. Butter and ghee are blended in the milk. Although they are not visible separately in the milk, their presence is acknowledged. In the sugarcane, the sweetness of the jaggery is stored. Although it is not perceived to touch or sight, it is understood.

These were all perceived through deduction, using our knowledge and wisdom. Similarly, the aatmaa in the body is perceived through one's intellect. That is the only way one can connect to oneself and to the Supreme self, eventually. No one has ever touched, seen, smelt, heard or tasted the soul literally. Yet, it is that very vital force of life that makes one alive! Without the presence of the aatmaa in the body, one would be considered dead.

Hence, question not the presence of the aatmaa, perceive it through wisdom!

pada vigrahaH:
पुष्पे गन्धं तिले तैलं काष्ठे अग्निं पयसि घृतम्
puShpe gandhaM tile tailaM kaaShThe agniM payasi ghRutam

इक्षौ गुडं तथा देहे पश्य आत्मानं विवेकतः
ikShau guDaM tathaa dehe pashya aatmaanaM vivekataH

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