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April 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आत्मापराधवृक्षस्य फलान्येतानि देहिनाम्
दारिद्र्यरोगदुःखानि बन्धनव्यसनानि च

- चाण्क्य नीति

aatmaaparaadhavRukShasya phalaanyetaani dehinaam
daaridryarogaduHkhaani bandhanavyasanaani cha
- chaaNkya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
From the tree of follies of the soul, these are the fruit for the beings - poverty, disease, suffering, restraint and adversity.

The fruit of one's actions has to be borne by oneself. There is no bypassing that. Every being comes to the world with his own baggage. He would have to unload it on his own account to attain mukti (liberation). Unfit deeds come as a baggage of unpleasant circumstances in one birth or another. They could show up as poverty and hardships, diseases and illnesses, pain and suffering, restraint and binding and/or vices and adversities.

When faced with such circumstances, the easiest and fastest way to overcome them is, living a life of dharma. Not only does this hasten the process of unloading, it also stops from accumulating more baggage and elongating the process of unloading eventually.

Hence, dharma (virtuous deeds) is a prescription for people with baggages of all shapes and sizes!

pada vigrahaH:
आत्मा अपराध वृक्षस्य फलानि एतानि देहिनाम्
aatmaa aparaadha vRukShasya phalaani etaani dehinaam

दारिद्र्य-रोग-दुःखानि बन्धन-व्यसनानि च
daaridrya-roga-duHkhaani bandhana-vyasanaani cha

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