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April 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गुणैरुत्तमतां याति नोच्चैरासनसंस्थिताः
प्रासादशिखरस्थोऽपि काकः किं गरुडायते

- चाणक्य नीति

guNairuttamataaM yaati nochchairaasanasaMsthitaaH
praasaadashikharastho.pi kaakaH kiM garuDaayate
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Excellence is attained through efficacy, not by clinging to a tall throne. Just by sitting on the pinnacle, can a crow transform into an eagle?

A 'great big throne' is only an indication or a representation of one's greatness. One's greatness comes from one's own vices and virtues. It is entirely upon oneself, what he makes his personality with. He could choose to keep more virtues than vices or visa-versa. But, it is foolish to think that anyone sitting on that throne will become great!

The metaphor given here is that of crow, who poses and sits on the pinnacle of a mountain and thinks he is an eagle! Eagle is deemed as the king of birds. He gets that title, not because he sits on the highest altitudes, but he carries with him the grace and the tenacity of a king. That qualifies him for the title. If a crow can imitate an eagle and sit on the apex of a tree, it won't instil in him, the rest of the qualities of the eagle.

Don't be carried away by the titles, they don't have much bearing when it comes to true excellence! The true excellent do not even care for the name of their designation!!

pada vigrahaH:
गुणैः उत्तमतां याति न उच्चैः आसन संस्थिताः
guNaiH uttamataaM yaati na uchchaiH aasana saMsthitaaH

प्रासाद शिखरस्थः अपि काकः किं गरुडायते
praasaada shikharasthaH api kaakaH kiM garuDaayate

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